Edit and Modify PDF Files Easily

Our website is made to help those who are working with digital documents and who need to edit them. We will take great pains to every reader to understand that PDF editing and modifying is quite easy with the right solution.

Here you will find the latest news about digital workflow and learn what service or software is the best for you personally. Since PDF is multi-purpose, there is a wide variety of services, that fully or partially cover all template editing aims.

Desktop, Cloud or Mobile?

Users’ tastes differ and purposes as well. Those who want to know the latest updates of PDF editors will find them here. Let’s analyze all the variety of solutions by subdividing them into several large groups.

Programs to Download and Install

The first one is covering programs, that are installed to the internal storage of the computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. They are good, as the software requires no internet connection, that is why any document can be changed independently. Those who have enough memory in their devices select this option.

In most cases, installed PDF editors have trial periods. During a week, month or several days some part of the functions is available for you to try. If you see that solution corresponds your needs, you can easily work with its interface and the paid plan worth the money to be paid, then go ahead to reading paid proposal details and select the plan you want.

Cloud-based Platforms

Nowadays, the Internet is full of the cloud-based platforms, used to provide either one or multiple modifying features. The full document toolkit of the online services is based on the cloud and has the highest data protection level and data encryption methods.

Online platforms can be easily connected to other cloud-based services. Moreover, you can upload any file from the internal storage of the device. Also, there are combined solutions, helping both save and edit PDFs in the cloud.

Some specific modifying features, like editing a PDF file, or putting a signature on it, protecting it with a password or converting file from one format into another are usually available for free. However, registration with your e-mail address and password may be required. Free services including several editing tools may also have some limitations, like changing or converting one file per hour and the limited number of files to manage in a day.

Mobile Applications

PDF editing applications are available for any iOS or Android-based smartphone. In most cases, they are similar to the software. They have numerous functions, trial period and paid plans. But solutions that have a specific function, for example, complete a particular form, are free. They are good for processing PDF forms on the go.

Tools to Modify Your PDF

  1. Edit PDF: This is one of the most popular features, that makes every document editable. It is very useful when you are preparing for the tax season or want to fill out the scanned copy of any paper document.
  2. Sign PDF: Using the digital signing option anyone can draw their initials with a finger, upload the image of a signature, insert name and surname and select the preferred handwriting style.
  3. Conversion: Converters help transform PDFs into any image, presentation, spreadsheet or other format and vice versa. Most converters guarantee, that images you convert will have good quality and resolution. Your spreadsheets will look in the final versions of the file the same as in the originals.
  4. Merge and Split Options: With the merge tool, users can create one document out of the smaller ones. Most services support adding up to five files, but if you need more than use the merged sheet and add more pages to it. Split option separates pages from the file. It can be one or several pages. The system forms a new document out of the pages the person wants to separate.
  5. Password Protection and Unlocking: To protect the confidential, personal or tax details, that should not be disclosed to the third party you can lock it with a password and send to the receiver. The person who gets the locked document can unlock it with the special software, with the password you used to lock it.