Convert or Not: Are IRS PDF Forms Editable

According to IRS 2018 season statistics, the latest updates dated November 2018, about 135,459,000 tax receipts were e-filed; 55,173,000 of which were self-prepared returns. This amount is 3.3% higher than the previous year.

The numbers speak for themselves, the popularity of the digital process is growing every year. Now you have an excellent opportunity to prepare taxes, at your convenience, from your home or office, and from any device.

Can We Avoid Converting PDF?

There are always two options: to do or not. We already know how to edit PDF converting it into a WORD file. And what if you do not need to do extra actions but edit the document directly, in our case to complete the tax form?

As Portable Document Format is ISO certified for its secure information exchange, the IRS accepts your tax forms, for example, W-2 or 1099-MISC in this type of record.

PDF files are divided into static(regular) and interactive forms. The interactive files are also called fillable or editable, so they contain empty fields or lines to add needed data: text, number, checkmarks, etc. And static records are for reference and printing. But still, there exists the PDF editing software which transfers any format to editable.

8 Steps to Complete Your Tax Return Online

You can easily prepare your taxes online with the IRS PDF forms and no need to convert. The special tax software or web-platforms are designed to let you forget the weeks of brainstorm in tax season.

Follow the steps below to complete a fillable IRS form:

  1. Upload the template or find the one you need with the help of Search line of the web platform.
  2. If your uploaded file is static PDF the software will recognize the fillable fields.
  3. Edit the form if necessary: add, move or delete fields​​.
  4. Put down all required information to the text and number fields, checkmarks.
  5. Some software suggests files with already set formulas to make the process of math interests and deductions easier.
  6. Use the automatic date setting function.
  7. Apply the legally binding e-signature to your federal return.
  8. Submit the completed form as a PDF file directly to IRS.

So you can see how simple the process is.

Tax Season: Think Positive

The tax season is a good opportunity to pay attention to your finances. A great chance to stop and sum up the results for yourself. It is very important to understand the amount of the profit and where it came from. Perhaps you have earned more than planned. It means that additional profits can be put in the right direction, for the development of existing business, for example, or intended for a new direction of work. If you have earned less than expected, you need to analyze the weaknesses and omissions, develop a new business plan.

In everyday life, there is always the lack of time to put the documents in order. When preparing to fill in your tax return you will have the opportunity to collect the necessary documents. And with the help of online software you can transfer them into electronic files, PDF is the best choice, for convenient storage and quick access.

Think this way and use online software to sleep well while others arrange their taxes overnights!

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