Simple Means to Sign IRS Forms in PDF

PDF documents gradually starting to be an integral part of our lives. Since even governmental and healthcare institutions, as well as business companies, are processing their documents digitally, the e-signature gains more and more popularity. Even official IRS website provides digital forms in PDF format for signing and filling out. The person may need to certify a tax form, like W-2 or 1099, different business agreements or meeting sheet. We will show you the most popular platforms list to solve this problem.

Online Tools for Digital Signature Creation

There is a wide variety of solutions for e-signature creation. Let us look at them closer:

  1. DocuSign is the cloud-based platform. To add your signature to the document you need to complete the subscription form. After the procedure just upload your PDF and sign it. It’s available to use the service for free for thirty days.
  2. SignNow requires e-mail and password. After verification, you can sign in, import the document and add a certification by drawing, typing or adding it image.
  3. LightPDF helps to verify any form in PDF online. Just upload a file and draw a signature or imports its photo.
  4. Sejda editor includes certification function too. Add PDF to the website and select the corresponding option. Here you can type, draw or upload the photo of your initials as well. Finally, apply changes and download the signed file.
  5. DocHub is an online platform, that helps to work with form templates, but the user should register first. Simply choose the needed sample and certify it in the most convenient way for you.
  6. PDFfiller editor includes a powerful autograph-making tool. This solution fits user’s initials, drawn with a finger, uploaded like a photo or makes the typed name and surname look like handwritten.
  7. HelloSign also requires registration first, but for those who need to certify only one document, they offer the free plan. But still, to add certification you will need to provide at least the first name, last name, and the name of the company you are working at. Here you can draw initials with a computer or smartphone, type it or add its image.
  8. With SmallPDF online platform, any form is signed for free. The only thing you need is to add the paper from your device’s internal storage and insert your sign.
  9. MyLive Signature – the service that makes a handwritten initial out of the typed text. Once you type your names you should select the font, angle, size of a signature, its color, and background. As a result, it turns in the PNG image, available for free downloading.

Several Ways to eSign Forms

As you can see, the online certification services include several ways of adding your initials to the IRS tax forms. Anyone can select the tool he or she prefers.

Draw a Signature

With this option, you can certify sample with a finger, using the touchpad of the notebook or computer mouse. Apply changes and place the signature at the area you need, unless your solution doing it automatically.

Type Initials

It is possible to add the signer’s name and surname just typing it with the keyboard. Next, the system offers several handwritten fonts and the user can select the one he or she finds best.

Capture the Signature with a Webcam

Those who have the initials variant, written on paper can just capture it with a webcam or make its photo and upload it. The picture will appear on a page once it will be added to the website.

Sign With Smartphone or Tablet

If it is easier for you to draw a signature with a tablet or smartphone, then send the link to your device, and draw it on the touchscreen.

No matter what kind of tool you choose, each of them is legally binding and works as the handwritten

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