About Us

PdfDX is a team of prosperous professionals who keep abreast of the latest industry news and write about the up-to-date editing software developments.

Everything that is of interest to people using PDF technology, we collect here and layout in an accessible form.

We will observe the useful features of PDF editing that online software provides to help you save time and resources in your daily life: training, business, tax management, and simple information sharing.

What is Meant by Editing a PDF Document

The Portable Document Format was not originally intended for editing, conceived as a cross-platform tool for presenting electronic documents and guaranteeing their stability. There is an opinion that PDF files cannot be changed at all but only extract a drawing or text, and work with extracted elements with corresponding software. This is a true conclusion only in part.

The PDF file is first created in the program (graphic or text editor) and then sent to the virtual printer. Of course, the return path is not provided, so a logical question arises: why do you need to edit the portable document format? Often, the changes you make are related to the productive work with the document:

  1. Arrange comments.
  2. Emphasize an important point in the text.
  3. Create a note or link explaining an ambiguous interpretation.
  4. In some places replace an object, for example, an image.
  5. Erase certain information.
  6. Adjust text, graphics, and other objects.
  7. Place an e-signature or a watermark, etc.

In fact, the set of permissible operations is larger. Editing PDFs can be vital for many users — students, editors, developers, taxpayers — in a word, everyone who needs or wants to be able to make minor but important corrections into a PDF file.

Our Main Task and Goal

So, the main goal of PdfDX is to create an independent and objective source of information and analysis on the market of online editing software.

Reporting and informing our readers is our main task, providing relevant detailed reviews and independent assessment of online services, both well-known and small platforms.

If you want to know everything about PDF, how to create, edit and encrypt – follow our updates and be aware of it.